Let’s pry into the keyhole!

Inside view of the student’s apartments

I clearly remember myself doing bench presses in the gym that day May 31st 2016, when I got the message from one girl I met with at the entrance exams. I froze for a minute staring at the screen. There was just one phrase: «It seems to me that we are both accepted». In the list of admitted students, which was attached to the message, my name was flashing somewhere in the middle. I grabbed my bag and rushed straight home to find out further information.

The first thing I thought about, after making sure that I was accepted, was the accommodation issue. Actually, this is very crucial aspect that you shouldn’t put on doing. Of cause, no one will make you sleep on a carton box in the sport hall of the university. However, if you don’t harry up, you may be given a really expensive flat, which is obviously might be harmful for a student’s pocket. The information about the place and way how to find a suitable accommodation, you can read in the following blog, written by Alena Krylova in 2014 http://blogit.jamk.fi/studentsdiary/2014/12/09/your-home-in-finland/. Since that time, the system hasn’t been changed. That is why that kind of instruction is still valuable.

Now, back to my story. The girl who told me about our acceptance was the only person I more or less knew at that moment. That was why I contacted her and suggested being neighbors in a shared apartment. We put 3 options to our flat «wish list» and started waiting for a decision.  I don’t know why, but a first floor of the building is not my favorite location of a flat. Now, guess why I was a bit upset for a second when I saw the 1 next to the line «Floor». Fortunately, my frustration was to no purpose. When I first came to my place, I was trying to unsuccessfully find the 21st flat on the first floor. Later I revealed that here in Finland, the floors are counted from zero, which means that the first floor appears to be the second one. On happy wave, I went upstairs and turned the key in the lock of my flat.

Usually, the condition of the flat depends on the previous tenant. I was lucky and thankful to a person why left the flat clean enough, so I didn’t have any problems with getting rid of terrible mess, before moving at my new home. Yes, I really feel this flat as my home. I created cozy atmosphere in my room, putting some nice stuff on the white walls and so on.  Actually, the vast majority of rooms here are the real blank sheets, waiting for your desire to decorate them. The mood that you will have coming to your flat in the end of the day, fully depends on you. Remember, any place can become your home if you wish so.


Hope that you like my story. I will be happy to answer any questions if you have them.

All the best!


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