JAMK’s Main Campus Tour

While all Finnish students enjoy the holiday break, I want to show you, future freshmen, the most common and comfortable rooms in the JAMK’s Main Campus where you will be able to study, relax, eat, and meet with your teams. I hope, that this little excursion will be beneficial for you, as you will be aware of some “secret places”, therefore feel more confident during the adaptation period. So, are you ready for this journey? We are about to start!

Study Zones

  • The Main Library

The best place in JAMK to take advantage of is the Main Library. It consists of 3 different zones which are separated according to noise level (social zone, group work zone, study zone) and have plenty of cozy places to sit and study. Several laptops and printers are also located there, so all the facilities that are needed for efficient and tranquil work are provided.

  • Room with Macs

In the Main Campus, a room that is filled with Macs can be found. You can use them whenever you need it and whatever the purpose is, if the room is open and all of the computers are not taken. Adobe Premier and other programs from Adobe Creative Suite are already installed, therefore it is a great opportunity for students to learn how to operate in them.

  • Purple Sofas

You can see several tables with purple sofas in the main canteen as well as near it. This is a great place for team meetings, because of the huge TV screens that can be connected with laptops, so all of the team members are able to see the information you want to share. The main disadvantage of the place is loud and hungry students during the launch hours 🙂

  • Round Tables

The B-wing of the main campus of JAMK has a nice sunny place that literally was created for team meetings and study purposes. There are two round tables with several rolling chairs that can be replaced if needed. The sun and the view from the window generate comfortable and calm atmosphere that is likely to enhance the concentration and willingness to work.

Of course, all of these places can be used for relaxation as well as for study purposes, therefore only you will decide where to go to complete the next assignment and meet with your friends.

Relax Zones

  • Second entrance

Several sofas and tables are located in this area, so this is a good place to wait for your bus or next lecture. Right above this zone, there is a place with university’s computers where students are able to work and discuss important issues during team meetings.

  • IB room

The very big study-relax room for IB students is located in A-wing and has a kitchen as well as several soft sofas, tables and pillows for laptops. Usually, it is used for team meetings, because there are enough chairs and space for everyone. However, this is also a great place to simply relax, sit in the big armchairs and think about your future while drinking tea and speaking with friends. Why not? 🙂

  • The Secret Room

A small and comfortable room (that probably were someone’s cabinet) can be found in the Main Campus of JAMK. A kitchen, several bean bags, sofas and tables are located there. This is a great place to meet with friends and just sit for several minutes, forgetting about the noisy world, endless deadlines and assignments. Just relax and talk…


JAMKO café is an area that consists of café and entertainment zone with a ball pool and a video game console. These things are usually taken, so you have to be a lucky one to come first and play as much as you want!

  • Pianos

As I have discovered, there are two pianos in the Main Campus, but I am not sure that there is nothing more. One of them is located in the biggest auditorium Tulikari, another is on the ground floor. Take you turn and go in search 😉

  • TIKO

In the main campus, a very soft and comfortable area with pillows is located. However, IB students are not allowed to be there as this zone is for IT faculty. Nevertheless, you can try your best pretending IT specialist and have a nice rest sitting there, but shhh… I did not tell you this!


This is the end of a very small trip with not the best photos (sorry for that), but I hope you like it! I was trying to show you that in JAMK, there is a huge number of facilities for students to study and have some rest between lectures or team meetings, that make the learning process more interesting and diverse. When you come there, you will discover much more places like those I have partially showed you, believe me 🙂

Good luck with exam preparations and enjoy your life!




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