Is it boring to live in Finland?

It’s my third year in Finland and all the time some of my friends or other acquaintances from my native country are asking me two same questions: “Is it boring to live in Finland?” and “What are you even doing there?”

Well, let’s think, is it a stereotype that life in Finland is boring or what… Or when people came to Finland as tourists they notice some things that give them possibility to understand that life is really boring but this question every time I asked keeps me silent for a moment and I even don’t know what should I say. And today I’m going to share only my personal and maybe not right for somebody opinion.

So, life is not boring here, but I’m talking only about my life. There are so many opportunities in Finland for anybody with various interests and goals and I don’t believe that people can’t find activities according to their interests. Now I’m so busy that being at home for the whole day is like a holiday.

As JAMK student during the years of studying I have had a big variety of interesting lectures and assignments, and I was busy with these activities, but also I had time for my personal life. There is a possibility to make your own schedule for studying and it’s up to you when you will graduate either you decide to reduce your period of studying or to graduate a half a year later, not forgetting about the amount of years that are allowed to study, of course. As for me during my studies I combine studying and part-time job and also I learn Finnish. Now I’m also doing my practical training and also I am doing a project for one company in the city and all these activities are possible together thanks to JAMK’s opportunity to make my own schedule.

Besides these activities, JAMK offers different possibilities for students, you can be a member of student union and participate in every event they organize, you can be a tutor and can take care of students and help to organize activities for them, you can buy sport sticker (which is very affordable) and participate in any sport classes that are organized by Academic sports such as Pump, Zumba, Body Work, Yoga, Stretching, etc., ball games such as Basketball, Football, Floorball, Badminton, Volleyball and you can, also, go to the gym there.

There are so many places that you can participate in Jyväskylä, such as sport activities, gyms, theatres (there is even Russian theatre if you are interested in it), swimming pools, place for down skiing and snowboarding which is situated in the city (and by the way, opposite to my house, and I have wonderful views during winters and it takes 3 minutes to reach the place).

So what I am doing here except working, studying, doing my practical training and project studying (which maybe sounds boring) I learn snowboarding during winter and it’s quite difficult but so exciting. I used to participate in sport lessons that are offered by Academic Sports but now I decided to go for the gym that is closer to my house because of lack of time. I travel in Finland because it is so easy when other cities are not so far away from you. During summer there is wonderful weather and you can do so many things such as making BBQ, swimming, sunbathing, walking, cycling, hiking, travelling in Finland or abroad and so on.


Speaking of Jyväskylä, in the city center there is great amount of bars, night clubs, restaurants and small cafes that I adore for their super super tasty bakery products and for wonderful design.

In my childhood the first city I visited in Finland was Jyväskylä and I couldn’t even imagine that I would live here but things happen and I’m here enjoying every day of my life.

Olga Afanasyeva, IB student

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