How students from JAMK are going to spend summer?

Summer is coming though the weather doesn’t look so nice now (The photo is made a week ago). If we look outside, it looks like it is April, not just the first day of summer but let’s hope we will see the Sun soon and real summer begins.

Today our topic is plans of the students from JAMK for this summer. I personally have many things to do, I’ll continue to work, do practical training and sport as usual, during July I have holidays which I’m going to spend in Italy combining chilling at the sea and then Rome’s city tour for several days.

Let’s figure out what other students from JAMK will do during this summer. I’ve received about 30 answers for the survey with the help of which this blog post is made. So, the biggest amount of students from JAMK have found summer jobs, studying as plans for summer is on the second place, then practical training and permanent job. Some students are going to combine different things such as travelling, working and thesis’s writing; others are planning to visit a few festivals; spend summer in home country; search for a job; and to spend summer with family.

More than that, the students shared places where they’ve found summer job, practical training or permanent job and based on those answers I’ll give you some tips where it is possible to search for a job.

  1. There are many open positions, and I personally found my part-time job there 2 years ago.
  2. You can also find certain company where you’d like to work you can try to check open positions on its website.
  3. You can ask friends who are working if the company has open vacancies and maybe they can even make recommendations about you (it certainly can help a lot).
  4. Sometimes a teacher can inform you that there is an open position in some company but don’t miss messages with this valuable information, apply for it as soon as possible.
  5. You can also try to find a job via different websites for job seekers; some of them have information in English.

Speaking of countries where our students are working, most of JAMK students have work in Finland, some of them are working in Russia, the USA, Slovakia, Germany, Greece, France. And many students who are studying or doing other things during summer are going to travel abroad and some students will stay in Finland.

And in the end of this post I’d like to give you some tips based on my experience:

If you found an open job position:

  1. Be brave, there is no purpose to be shy, somebody else can get that job. Send your CV and cover letter, if you don’t receive an answer in a few days, call to the company and ask them if they’ve received your CV and when they are going to make decision.
  2. If you received negative answer because of lack of work experience, ask them if they have any other job for you. I asked by the way and then they called.
  3. If you received an invitation to job interview, you are absolutely lucky and just do your best in order to get that job.
  4. During the interview be honest, because in case you get the job you will make many things you said you had experience in. But don’t hide your value experience and always say that you would like to learn new things.
  5. Ask questions, it shows to the interviewer that you are really interested in the job and it is the way to get many answers to your questions.
  6. If you are trying to find job in Finland, even if the position is in English, it’s so nice if you can speak basic Finnish or at least say several words in Finnish like Huomenta (Good morning), Moi (Hi), Kiitos haastattelusta (Thank you for the interview), hyvää päivänjatkoa (Have a nice day).

Good luck and have nice summer!

Olga Afanaseva, IB student

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