JAMK Summer School

Summer school of JAMK has been organizing from 2011 and this summer it started on Monday on the second of June. This year the School has record number of students: 99, and mainly they are from Argentina, the USA, Canada and Singapore. Also students from JAMK enrolled for summer courses. Summer school lasts for two and a half weeks and the students participate in different courses such as Ethical Leadership, Russian Culture and language, Future Trends in Tourism, Global Team Leadership, Responsible Tourism, Sport and Tourism Management, International Business Speaking, Creativity Management, Europe as a Market Area, Concept Lab, Global Destination Branding and Nordic Business and Communication.

But what else the students can experience except studying during this unforgettable journey. So, different events are organized for Summer School’s students such as Traditional Finnish Summer Event which was just yesterday and I’m going to share the story about this event later, then we have Cruise on Lake Päijänne which includes evening cruise on the lake and dinner; Soccer event with JJK FC; Finland100 Dinner; and also trips to Saint-Petersburg and Stockholm.

So, yesterday event was amazing and the students really liked it. It started when buses with students came to Varjola that is situated in such wonderful place surrounding by forest and water. The students had an opportunity to experience rafting, smoked saunas, jakuzzis and just relax and enjoy summer and Finnish nature. Many of them have never tried rafting before and were so excited about it. It was so good that they could experience absolutely new for them things in absolutely new conditions.

Then we also had dinner with traditional Finnish food like potato salad, rice pies, sausages from the grill, and during the dinner we could enjoy the nature and chat. So many people liked smoked sauna, I think even for those who have tried usual saunas before it was absolutely new thing sitting in absolutely dark sauna with smoked smell, it was even new thing for me even that I’ve tried different saunas in Finland so many times.

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