Living costs in Jyväskylä

Let’s discuss living costs for students in Jyväskylä. Let’s start from accommodation. So a student can rent a room or whole flat. Here we have Central Finland Student Housing Foundation (KOAS) which offers accommodation for students. KOAS gives an opportunity to choose between plenty of options in different districts in Jyväskylä. If you move alone it is cheaper to rent a room. A room is always for one person and it is situated in a flat that can have two or three rooms. The price depends on its location but approximately it costs 270 euros per month. If you live in such room you will share a flat with one or two other students. It means that you have common places such as bathroom, corridor and kitchen. Kitchen always has kitchen unit with fridge and stove, but you need to bring your dishes. In some apartment you have a possibility to rent furniture for extra money if you don’t want to buy it. Usually a room is without furniture except wardrobe. The second possibility in case you want to live without flatmates is to rent a studio for one person, the price can be around 350 euro per month or more. If you move with a family or a friend you can rent a flat, the price also depends on location and size of a flat, but for example, 2 room apartment with size about 40 square meters can cost 550 euro per month. Usually the rent includes water and electricity. In every building there is sauna which you can book for you for one time per week for extra money. Also, you can book parking place near the building.

Speaking of cost of foo, it depends on what you eat but approximately it can be around 300 euro per month. Remember that when you find a flat or a room you have to pay deposit which will be returned when you move out from flat if it is in the same condition. The deposit depends on the flat but it can be 300-400 euro or more if you have big apartment. Unlimited bus ticket costs 51 euro for student per month in Jyväskylä or 1.7 per one ticket. If you have car be ready that gas is not so cheap. But you always can save money and use bike to reach many places more over it is healthier. But of course during winter it is not so wonderful to go by bike in minus 20. Other different expenses depend on what you are used to do, what hobbies do you have. Remember about Student Union Membership fee but it gives you many discounts because many places offer prices for students for example you can get discount in the swimming pool, spa, some cafes or bars, train tickets, etc. Speaking of health insurance from your home country it is important that your insurance covers everything because in Finland only citizens of EU can use public health care (Exception: emergency cases). Foreign students will use private health care centers which are expensive that is why choose good insurance company in advance. If you are not citizen of EU remember that you need to have 6720 euro on your bank account when you apply for residence permit and it was determined by the Finnish Immigration Service.

As you may already have noticed now every Finnish institution has a fee for programmes that are conducted in English for citizens outside EU, a fee for studying at Bachelor degree at JAMK is 8000 euro per year. JAMK gives a scholarship as 50% from this amount that is minus 4000 euro, on the first year everyone who applies for this scholarship gets it, next years it will be possible to get scholarship if you received 55 credits in the previous academic year (which is usual amount of credits that you are supposed to get during a year) and applied for it. The scholarship will be paid only for standard time of studying. A fee is quite reasonable according to different universities that require fee for studying there, even if we compare the amount with such universities as Oxford University and others we can see reasonable difference between fees.

So, average living costs are 750 – 1200 euro per month but everything depends on your needs and interests.

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