”Finns are some of the world’s happiest people”

This year Finns got the fifth place among the happiest people in the world among 155 countries. The areas that were evaluated were GDP per capita, social support, freedom to decide, trust, generosity and life expectancy’s healthy years (According to the article http://www.goodnewsfinland.com/finns-are-some-of-the-world-s-happiest-people/).

What does it means when we are talking about the happiest people in the world? Can we notice if people in the whole country happy or not? Definitely, you can notice here that there are so many people who are smiling looking at you. When you ask for a help, almost every Finn will help you. There are so many cases when I faced with Finnish willingness to help. In any shop when I couldn’t find anything, the shop assistant was always trying to help even he or she wasn’t responsible for the certain department, even if I asked in English and they spoke only Finnish, they always found someone for me who can help. Similar cases happened to me almost everywhere, for example, in health care centers, social services’ offices, language courses, during my practical training, etc. So as I came to the conclusion that people not just make their jobs for money but they also feel very happy to help. I don’t know maybe I was lucky and met only such people but it how goes on in my life.

Somebody can say that it’s just politeness or good service but in my opinion it is the whole atmosphere in which people feel very comfortable and friendly. Of course there are some exceptions as everywhere but I usually don’t face with them.





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