Living in the city but like in the forest.

What I really like about living in Finland that if you live anywhere in the city you will be surrounded by forest, almost everywhere there are trees either of parks or forests. Of course there is little exception and it’s city center but it’s really usual thing for every country. I’ve visited many cities and towns of Finland such as Kuopio, Helsinki (plus Vantaa and Espoo), Oulu, Turku, Kajaani, Lahti and some others and everywhere the picture of green places will describe Finland as country of forests. I have been living in really small town in Finland first, it was Kajaani, my flat was quite near to the city center (about 3 km) and only one view that I saw from my window was forest and it was really wonderful to wake up and see this beauty all around. One more thing I like about Finnish apartment is really big windows in the apartments that is added value to the whole beautiful picture of living here.

Now I live here in Jyväskylä and I have even better view and even bigger windows so I can enjoy Laajavuori and forest near it all year around. Also, it’s so wonderful that I have an opportunity to walk in the forest near the house. In the forest there are also places where you can barbeque for free and relax near the fireplace, chatting with your friends and enjoying nature all around you. Laajavuori is also nice place to go hiking or for running, because it has several routes with directions so you won’t be lost in the forest if you follow these directions.

Moreover there are so many lakes in Finland that’s why Finland is known as “Country of thousand lakes”. During summer if weather is warm and the Sun is shining, we can say that that Finnish summer is so beautiful. The problem is that weather is changing and can be rainy and cold during summer. But try to catch warm days and enjoy the Sun and Finnish nature!

IB student,

Olga Afanaseva

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