I would choose study in Finland again!

When I received the letter that I was accepted for International Business Degree in Finland I had permanent job as a director of the store with 8 people under my supervision and I had an experience in Business, HR, PR, and so on. But I had lack of theoretical knowledge because my previous degree was International Languages. Moreover, studying in Finland was my dream from my childhood but because of some personal problems and duties I couldn’t moved to Finland. So, when I received the letter that I can start study in Finland in the end of August I couldn’t believe in in and almost in that second I decided to start new life for me. I started to study in small town Kajaani first.

Because I had experience of studying in university I could compare. So first week was orientation week during which we get acquainted with new students, tutors, campus and life in Finland, we also had some sport games and spent 2 days in the cottages where we could participate in different games, barbeque and sauna.


When school days started, I thought it would be difficult but all teachers were so friendly, ready to help and explained everything. Our campus was in very beautiful location and rooms of the university were also very nice. When I moved to Jyväskylä and transferred to JAMK I liked the university even more and it was really bigger than in Kajaani.

Now I can say that it was and it is so good experience to study in Finland, first of all, there were so many projects that we participated in and they were from real companies, second, there were not so tough schedule and we had time for our personal life , work and hobbies, third, almost everything in the university is made to help students to be involved in process of studying: big library with a lot of resources, computers in the corridors, lounge zones for students, cafes and many other things that I appreciate. Moreover student union offers different activities and events so it won’t be boring to study and live here.

And I can say that I’d choose study in Finland again because I’m sure that it’s one of the most important decision I’ve made in life and I’ve never regretted it.


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