Is food expensive in Finland?

Today I’d like to tell about the topic that can be interested for coming students or for those who are planning to study in Finland in the future. Many times I’ve heard and read that food in Finland is very expensive but let’s find out is it truth or not. Yesterday I went shopping and today I’ll share prices in Finland for some products and tell about popular shops here.

So in Finland there are quite many different markets but the most popular and important are shops of “S-group” and “K-group”. In every Group there are different kinds of shops. In “S-group” there are “S-market” and “Sale” that are usually located in every district of the city and they are not so big but usually there is all you need in them and also there is “Prisma” which is hypermarket where you can find whatever you need starting from food finishing by electronic devices, sport equipment, etc. There is also difference in prices in these kinds of shops, in small shops prices are little bit more expensive that in hypermarkets. In Jyväskylä there are 3 “Prisma”- hypermarkets. Speaking of “K-group”, there are such kinds of shops like “K-market” (small market), “K-supermarket” (medium supermarket) and “K-citymarket” (big hypermarket) and there is same thing with prices in this chain. More than that, there is “Lidl” which is German chain and this shop is also popular, prices are quite affordable and in Jyväskylä there are 3 “Lidl”- markets.

So, usually I buy food in “Prisma” or “Lidl” for one week ahead because my schedule is quite tough and the nearest “Prisma” is about 3 km from my apartment. Yesterday I bought food in “Prisma” and now I’d like to tell about prices for most important products. There is big variety for each kind of product by different prices. Milk can cost from 0,90 euro per 1 liter, cheese – from 4 euro per kg, bread – from 0,40 euro per package, meat – from 9 euro per kg, chicken fillet – from 8 euro per kg, fish – from 12 euro per kg, pasta – from 0,70 euro per 500 grams, tomatoes – from 2,2 euro per kg, cucumbers – from 2,5 euro per kg, bananas – from 1,29 euro per kg, etc. The good thing that you can usually find products by cheap price if you need. More than that, every week shops have different sales for several products and you will receive advertising by post with this products or you can check web-cites of the shops. And, of course, you can compare prices and choose where is cheaper for you.

Now let’s figure out what I bought yesterday for one week for 2 people (I didn’t buy all products because some of them I had at home). So, I paid 57,72 euro for 2 big bags of food (but without meat, chicken, etc.), I’ll give some examples:

Onion 0,95 euro per 1 pcs

Tomato juice 1,09 euro per 1 pcs

Nuts 2,81 euro per 0,194 grams

Oltermanni cheese 4,79 euro per 1 pcs (900 gram)

Fazer bread 1,59 euro per 1 pcs

Cucumbers 1,35 euro per 0,849 grams

Reissumies bread 1,17 euro per 3 pcs

Activia yogurts 1,59 euro per 4 pcs

Apples 1,39 euro per 0,751 gram

Salad cheese 1,16 euro per pcs

Milk 2,30 euro per 2 liters

Tomatoes 2,25 euro per 1,169 kg

Cream 1,10 euro per 2 pcs

Shower gel 2,55 euro per 1 pcs

Potato 0,98 euro per 2 kg

Cottage cheese 0,98 euro per 1 pcs

Salad 1,95 euro per 1 pcs

Shampoo 1,95 euro per one pcs

Bananas 1,44 euro per 1,116 gram

In conclusion, when I was travelling I compared prices, and I think that in Finland price range for many products are quite moderate. Of course, in Italy or in Spain fruits are really cheaper but it is understandable thing due to the fact that these fruits grow in these countries. And in Finland you always have a choice in what shop and what to buy, and if you feel that something is quite expensive in one shop, check another, you can find it really cheaper.



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