There is a lot to explore near Jyväskylä

You might have chosen Jyvaskyla for its nature surrounding or not, but it is a fact, there is a lot to explore near Jyvaskyla. Forest lovers, one-day hiker or born to be an adventurer, here are my selection of the must do as an exchange student in the city of light, to impress the rest of your friend.

To experience to Finnish way of life my first recommendation would be to go berry-picking. Few steps in the forest and you will find a lot of berries, raspberries and currant ready to be picked. From August until mid of October (depending of the climate), amateur of tasty food will be pleased. If you want to enjoy them in a different way, let’s try the English Cake Crumble. It is very simple to prepare, only 3 ingredients are needed, so all kind of cooker can pretend to be real master chef. Follow the step and taste it when it is still a bit warm! (

When the sun goes down, go to the nearest lake and enjoy a chill moment with a fire. Chose the right fireman because if the wood is wet, it might be a bit difficult but the tip is to be patient. If you are feeling a little peckish, take some marshmallows. If you like singing, a guitar and good lyrics and I you are a bit skitiish, don’t forget the blankets.

If you are coming to Jyvaskyla, you should for sure experience the canoe. There is different place where you can go for it, but I recommend you the one located near the JAMK university. Easy to book and acces, you and your friend can paddle during one hour and choose the boat you like. Beginner or professional, don’t worry you will find our own rhythm, waves after waves.

If you want to go away, for a week end for example, I would suggest to reserve a cottage and the next day go hiking in a National park. There is of course a lot a possibility but if you want to be sure and take the right decision, Leila and her husband will reserve you the cutest cottage ever. You can directly contact them through Facebook ( Enjoying a real sauna, make an outdoor fire, and begin your day on the lake, you are then ready to spend the afternoon in the National park Repovesi, famous for this hanging bridge. Long or small trails are offered depending on the time you have to dedicate to the Finnish nature.

Text: Mathilde Lemoine, International Business student

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