Kathy Nguyen

IB #5: I heart IB.

Hei you again! So far we have gone through different elements of the big HOW question about the pursuit of a Bachelor’s Degree in International Business at JAMK. During the week I have got to know more wonderings from some people reading this blog. Now probably is the time for us to tackle them together….

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First IB tale: HOW…?

Moi! (Finnish) привет! (Russian) Bonjour! (French) Ciao! (Italian) Hola! (Spanish) 你 好! (Chinese) नमस्ते! (Hindi) Cześć! (Polish) … and other warm ”hello”(s) in more than 20 languages else from International Business students at JAMK University of Applied Sciences! Welcome to the one-week blog of IB-ers! I should firstly introduce myself. I’m Kathy, from Vietnam, a…

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