Sanni Räsänen

Friend’s advice

This is it! My blogging period has come to its end, it’s time to throw the ball to the next blogger who will introduce you Logistics. But before I finish, I want to give you some tips on how to survive in the study world. First, be open minded. At some point you will run…

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Exiting times..

Guess where I am! I’ll tell you: I’m in the train on my way to Helsinki, I will go to a job interview! I applied a summer job from Espoo (a city close to Helsinki), and they invited me to a job interview. The job would be a practical nurse’s job in a big hospital….

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Something about our school

Location and premises Okay, so now I’ll tell you more about the premises that our school has. Up until today, our campus has been located right next to the Jyväskylä central hospital, and across the street is one of the local health care centers. But there are some changes coming, because our campus will move…

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