Akangbe Oluwaseun

I am

Living here with us!!!

Living and studying in a foreign country is a different kind of exprience,which is both challenging and fun. Life in finland is especially intresting since it is another new culture entirely. So you are coming here to enjoy a lot from finland,it food,song,language and sauna. For finns who will start studying Logistics engineering next autumn, I…

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Methods of studies here

Most learning activities take place in the classrooms, but sometimes we do very intresting things outside of the classrooms. E.g Today is the day i submit my report of the last tuesday´s company visit. This company excursion is not a rare thing for us in Logistics engineering. We have travelled down to helsinki to visit the…

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It´s not just Logistics…It is Logistics engineering!!!

I am going to use this golden opportunity to tell you about the study of Logistics engineering at JAMK university of applied sciences. I am Akangbe oluwaseun, a first year student of Logistics engineering. Let me introduce you to what we do,Simply put we are involved in the process of planning,implementing and controlling efficiently the material flow ,information flow, and money flow in…

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