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Arrangements before leaving

There is some paperwork to do before going abroad; agreements etc. I managed those quite easy, because learning agreement was nothing new to me, and I find it always important to contact people beforehand. The LA base was the same as on courses I studied in Utrecht year ago and a course I took on St. Petersburg last spring. Paper works took time and I was really busy when arranging things, because I had already started my summertime working and our theater group had a play to practice and the show was on at Juni and July. So my normal day was work 8 hours, few hours free time which meant arrangements and preparing the time in Utrecht and on evening the play.. I love theater, going to see a play and making theater has been my hobby for few years. Usually my part has been behind the scenes ( with costumes & planning) but now it was my first time on stage.

The most hard thing to do was finding accommodation. And I was not the only one. Even now, when its less than a week before the semester starts there is people who are looking for a room and also offering one.. I asked advise from locals and Dutch students gave helpful links. I think the best place to seek accommodation from Utrecht and the Netherlands is Facebook groups. There people can post for free. Of course I ask from many rental offices but all where booked full that time, or too expensive. The school advised to ask from the office they have a contract with, but unfortunately it was fully booked also. There is many websites like kamernet, easykamer and nespick. I check those, but in some point I couldn’t use the service without payment, so  find Facebook groups the best this time. I send approximately 3 messages per a day for people who offer room/apartment. First weeks when I started to seek a room I messaged everyone, but after that I realized I should focus on offers for only about my time in Utrecht (and English written + furnished). If you compare to Finland there is a lot offers. Even more than that 3 on a day that would suit me the best. Finally I contacted with my becoming landlady. We had Skype meeting and after a nice conversation it seemed we have quite similar living habits. She choose me to rent her place for the fall. She had many offers, so I were lucky.

All the early summer rush was worth it of course. I am extremely happy that I have opportunity to study abroad and I had a wish to do that for few years. Now, few days before leaving I’m packing my back and meeting friends and family. Summerwork is done and the weather is lovely. I feel its good time in life to travel and study.

Hello world!

This is my blog about my exchange, practical training period in The Netherlands, in the city of Utrecht. I’m a rehabilitation counselor -student and I´m happy to be to first from our field to study in Utrecht! I will graduate after my time in The Netherlands. I´m absolutely excited to have perspectives from a country which has really interesting rehabilitation services and methods.

Getting to know a different culture interests me. I’ve been in Utrecht before, year ago I participated on a intensive course called Active Ageing. So the school and few people are familiar to me. Dutch bike a lot and everywhere and that’s the thing I love, I bike everywhere in Finland. (With biking I mean cycling, with ordinary bicycle). Dutch have also rich food culture, windmills, wooden shoes…

Looking forward my time in there!