First impressions

First nights in Utrecht I stayed in B&B called Oorsprongpark. The bus stop is named the same so it was easy to get there with bus. The hotel was not the cheap (cheapest at the moment I booked)  but popular among students. Cheap hotel can be hard to find if it isn´t bed in a dorm.

First cultural difference I met the in the hotel, the thing I’ve heard about but never really thought about how is like- Dutch stairs. Those are really tight steps somethings only 20 centimeters… Travelling with 20 kilos bagbag and another bag is sporty already, so that’s hard sport to climb on second floor with these circumstances. Of course in my Dutch home is tight stairs, someday I will get use to it and run through them like the locals…?

Steps continuing; On the first weekend we visited in Dom tower which is the pride and sign mark in the center of Utrecht. Tower is 112 meters high and people can visit in 95 meters its -465 steps. It was amazing view from 95 meters which a small history parts besides. 

So steps are hard here, but cycling is lovely. Here is tracks for bikers almost everywhere in the whole country.

| Author: Helmi