First week

First week was full of new things and I was tired after it, of course. Here are some special points and notices.

  • + Dutch are really welcoming and nice people. Example there was Finnish flag on blackboard to welcome me on the first day. My Dutch home was just ready to live in, (found it from private market in facebook) I didn’t have to buy everything from salt to toilet paper because there were some left. I´m absolutely happy with my dutch home! Everyone speaks English so far.


  • – My Finnish Debit card doesn’t work in grocery stores, like Albert Heijn or anywhere else. But all the other services like buying the OV-chipkaart, Museumkaart and in one clothing store and in music store it was fine so far. So I need to prepare myself with cash when buying food.


  • + I´m excited about all the happenings I can do on my freetime- Like I bought the museum card which gives free entrance in 400 museums in the Netherlands, still it’s not free in all. Lots to do and see. And I was lucky to get the last ticket in Introduction week organised by ESN Utrecht. Its local Erasmus Student Network, non-profit international student organization. Actually tickets were already sold out once, but they posted that there is some extra tickets for the first who come and buy one. It was a rainy day and after all my study things I went there thinking maybe none is left, and I asked about other happenings they have. So next week I’m going to participate in introduction week. There is a group of international students with 2 local students, which are called the Dutch parents. On monday we start with meal together.


  • + Studying started and my programme looks interesting. I was happy to start my last semester with these studies here. All lessons are in English, and later when I do my practical training/internship I cope with English. I’m the first student from my field of study here. At the moment organising my internship part is in process. That takes place after 6 more weeks “normal studying in school”, so there is time to plan. I´m excited about all the options and possibilities I´ve heard. Now with studies and contacts with  Dutch people I will learn about Dutch health care system and culture.


  • + Its easy to study abroad nowadays. I´m happy with internet, skype whatsapp.. Because Finland is not so far away with those!

And if you wonder the name of my blog, here is a link which gives some info about cycling in the Netherlands:

| Author: Helmi