after 1st month

First month in Utrecht went fast. During the weeks I study and now more and more organise placements for my internship part here with teachers/coordinators and contacts. Studies are interesting, but more I wait all the field visits and getting to know Dutch Health Care and rehabilitation in practise.


I’ve held two individual presentations so far. Other about Finnish health care system comparing to the Netherlands and  other about my learnings & observations attached Dutch culture. While studying in Finland I used to think that presentation in English is horrible and if possible no-no.. But here those went quite fluent without extra pressure. Atmosphere in lessons has been easy going which helps. It must also help that I speak English everyday. And more and more, spoken & used vocabulary grows. Let’s see if I have Dutch accent afterwards.


As a hobby, I study Dutch for beginners. I think it’s interesting to know and learn a bit the country’s own language. At the moment pronunciation horrifies me. I can read and deduce some Dutch. Some say its German and English mixed. I do speak Swedish (if necessary, at the moment so rusty) and have studied German in primary school. It’s absolutely interesting to study this, but somedays I think why on earth I study Dutch, isn’t studying in English challenging enough? And I miss studying Russian, because that language I’m a bit more than a beginner, also it’s more useful for a Finn in general. More and more I begin to understand spoken Dutch.

In the University campus area is sportcenter called Olympos which offers sport possibilities like gym, group lessons really reasonable price. There I have visited on my free time. Also area Bunnik after campus area is beautiful place to go jogging or walking. Usually I go after school, because I live 6-7 kilometres from the campus. So when it comes to biking, somedays I bike more than 14 km, which is the amount if I go to school only.

Cycling is truly common in NL, the best way to more around and love it!


Now it’s time for weekend, in Dutch Goed weekend!


| Author: Helmi