Inspirational time in NL

I´ve been happy to visit many places related to health care and social services here.

During the visits I´ve got more perspectives and more ideas I could never imagine. Dutch are innovative even they have the same primary problem, money.  They want that services are customer friendly and made for the clients. I believe Finns want that too, and now I have seen small variety what is possible here.


To mention one field visit, I did visit Hogeweyk dementia village that has been in international news a lot. It is special place even in Netherlands. It gots the funding from government like other nursing homes.

and one news link:


If someone is interested to read/hear more from all or any of my visits, feel free to email me or ask in comments.


I participated the school’s going abroad -fair. Quite many were interested about Finland. There was many brochures about Jamk and also other universities of Finland (I didn’t have any prochures with me) – and on the end only few was left. I told mostly how is studying in Finland and it’s easy to reach Tallinn, St. Petersburg and Lapland from here.

The nature, snowy winter and winter sports (guaranteed still in Lapland) university school lunch (only 2,60e whole warm meal) and sauna are the things I´m proud about Finland -for example. We have high quality education, and it’s free.When it comes to health care and services (it´s high quality too of course) our specialities are pharmacy/ apteekki and maternity package (for residents).


Being a rehabilitation counsellor -student is not easy even in Finland and that’s why no wonder people might have difficulties to understand the profession when abroad. I’m use to explain a lot, and after explaining my studies in English it must be more than nice to tell about it in Finnish. Let´s face it, it is going to be a bit difficult until I have place to work. I have found solutions how to compare, first I said that in Dutch perspective it´s health care management and social services a bit mixed. But now I have found out that Dutch people are quite aware what case managers do. That’s really a victory for me, I use less and less time explaining. I’m talkative and I do also listen, but here I´ve been promoting my profession more than usually. Or maybe I feel so, because of English and I met a lot people via studies. I’m exhausted and surprised I find out the short version for foreigners.


Less than 2 weeks studying here and I’m happy to go back home after. While abroad it’s easier to see good sides of the home country.  I still have many studies to do, but still energy to explore this country. But it must be good to be back home soon!

| Author: Helmi