Final blog

Studies in the Netherlands are done now.
Feelings before leaving are happy of two reasons; soon I’m back home and I had a great and also many sided experience live and study abroad.

I truly recommend studying or doing internship especially Utrecht, Netherlands or anyway abroad. I got perspectives which are impossible to catch only staying in Finland and own comfort zone. As a optimistic person, before leaving I thought it’s only fun and interesting to go and have this experience, but here I noticed it’s also hard and difficult sometimes. Still seems that I´ve survived and got the studies done. My free time here has been active and full of doing, lot sightseeing and enjoying cities in NL and also UK and Germany was easy to reach. Lovely friends, culture and activities always on weekends and some evenings.

Utrecht is of course my favorite city in Netherlands, really cozy. Easy to find city center, Dom tower can be seen far. People were really welcoming and friendly. Always someone is willing to help.

Netherlands is absolutely interesting country because of the cycling culture, small distances between cities (for a Finn) and people are more open minded in average. Eating habits are really different (no school meal, bring your own sandwiches) and some practices of course. Dutch are forerunners many things like elderly care, euthanasia and gay rights.

Going abroad for studies is a great opportunity to try out how is living in different culture and it opens eyes wider. I feel I appreciate everything even more now. Also I’m more confident to speak English.

In the professional point of view I see now it´s really important to network. Be open minded all the time. I have learned the meaning of validating, giving reasons why something is important. After this experience I feel more expert because I have seen many good practices in NL. I’m sure operating models in Finnish social services and healthcare could be more customer-oriented and that doesn’t cost more money. It cost more adapting new attitude of doing. I believe many professionals want to work that way, and many do work already as much its possible.

I´m happy to have small holiday before graduating and travelling back to Finland.
In the end, one sentence to summarize my experience:

Leven is lekker
(that means “life is tasty” in Dutch).

Tot ziens Nederlands!
(See you the Netherlands)

| Author: Helmi