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Final blog

Studies in the Netherlands are done now. Feelings before leaving are happy of two reasons; soon I’m back home and I had a great and also many sided experience live and study abroad. I truly recommend studying or doing internship especially Utrecht, Netherlands or anyway abroad. I got perspectives which are impossible to catch only […]

Inspirational time in NL

I´ve been happy to visit many places related to health care and social services here. During the visits I´ve got more perspectives and more ideas I could never imagine. Dutch are innovative even they have the same primary problem, money.  They want that services are customer friendly and made for the clients. I believe Finns […]

Learn by doing mistakes

When you come to the Netherlands you see bikes everywhere but still there is strict rules where can you leave your bike. It is hard to be sure about that, because Dutch themselves don’t follow rules or is it just hard to see it as a foreigner? Well I have spend time with thinking where […]

after 1st month

First month in Utrecht went fast. During the weeks I study and now more and more organise placements for my internship part here with teachers/coordinators and contacts. Studies are interesting, but more I wait all the field visits and getting to know Dutch Health Care and rehabilitation in practise.   I’ve held two individual presentations […]

Starting to settle

Last week went super fast because there was Introduction week for new international students. From Monday to Thursday every evening was happening with some activities like group competitions, beer Cantus (Oktoberfest like happening with “free beer” and sign songs), international kitchen (everyone brought traditional dish or sweets etc. from their home countries), pool playing and […]

First week

First week was full of new things and I was tired after it, of course. Here are some special points and notices. + Dutch are really welcoming and nice people. Example there was Finnish flag on blackboard to welcome me on the first day. My Dutch home was just ready to live in, (found it […]

First impressions

First nights in Utrecht I stayed in B&B called Oorsprongpark. The bus stop is named the same so it was easy to get there with bus. The hotel was not the cheap (cheapest at the moment I booked)  but popular among students. Cheap hotel can be hard to find if it isn´t bed in a […]

Arrangements before leaving

There is some paperwork to do before going abroad; agreements etc. I managed those quite easy, because learning agreement was nothing new to me, and I find it always important to contact people beforehand. The LA base was the same as on courses I studied in Utrecht year ago and a course I took on […]

Hello world!

This is my blog about my exchange, practical training period in The Netherlands, in the city of Utrecht. I’m a rehabilitation counselor -student and I´m happy to be to first from our field to study in Utrecht! I will graduate after my time in The Netherlands. I´m absolutely excited to have perspectives from a country […]