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Survived from the first school week!

Monday afternoon we had an official welcoming from the school and city of Esslingen. There was also one report from a local magazine, who interviewed some of us! In the evening there was a small party where we ate and played some nice games together with other exchange students and some German students. It was nice to spend some time together with people who you already knew a bit, because during the coming week we would meet a lot of new German students.

In the beginning of the week I met my professor; we spoke about the courses I’m going to take. Everything looked pretty clear. We also had our first German history and culture class which seemed pretty interesting.

Thursday was first day when I had to wake early, to go to school. In the morning I had intercultural communication, which was interesting, even if it’s totally different than what I usually study. But I think it’s important for me as a social worker to be able to know the cultural differences also. In the afternoon I had an interesting course from my own faculty; Social protection systems in EU member states. We were not many students there, but at least every one of us was able to participate in the discussion we had.

Weekend went again too fast! Friday evening we had a funny Crepe-night in the dormitory, organized by some French students. Crepes and Nutella+Jelly=NAM! ;P Saturday I went together with some other exchange students to the Television tower of Stuttgart. From there you could see far away. It’s the first television tower in the whole world! From there we continued to Schlossplatz, a nice park in the center of Stuttgart. There we met some other exchange students and spend time with them. The weather on Saturday was amazing! Just like the summer in Finland! :D It was getting cold in the evening, so we had to come back to Esslingen pretty early.

Sunday is always a lazy day. Nothing special to do, because almost everything is closed. A good day to write blog…:)

In Esslingen!


I arrived in Esslingen almost one week ago in the morning. Our flight went very fast and we found the people who came to meet us at the airport easily. We went to the school where we got some basic information about everything. We also ate in the school; the food was better than we had thought because we had heard that the German school food is not as good as the Finnish. The food doesn’t include anything to drink or a salad or bread, like we are used to in Finland. You have to buy everything separately.
From the school we went together with our host mother at their place. They lived in the old part of Esslingen, and it was very beautiful! The architecture here is totally different than in Finland. We spent the two first days with them and got to eat some typical German food; sauerkraut and sausages! They also helped us to get to know the city etc.
On Thursday we finally got keys to our own rooms in a dormitory. It’s a bit further away from the center of Esslingen, but the area seems pretty nice. I share my bathroom with another girl and kitchen is shared with six people. The building is old, but it has been renovated a couple of years ago so it’s quite nice. Friday was the first day in school. We got again some information about everything concerning our stay. The first weekend went very fast. We went out with other exchange students and walked in the area where we live. On Sunday is everything closed in Germany (except some bakeries and gas stations) so Sunday is a day of rest here. I think it’s quite boring.
During last week we did many things with the help of the international office. Registered us at the city, opened a German bankaccount (it’s a weird system with the rents in here; we don’t pay our rents, they take the money from our accounts) and in the end of the week we finally got our internet connection! We did also have our German lessons every day, from 13-17, so it was very intensive German studying for the first week.

This weekend we were in Stuttgart on Saturday to do some shopping. We were only on one street, because it was the main shopping street. So there is still a lot to see in Stuttgart! It’s very exhausting to speak the whole day another language and be in a new place. I think the culture in Germany is quite the same as in Finland, but the prices are much cheaper! I shouldn’t have taken any cosmetics or clothes with me from Finland. Also eating out in a restaurant or a café is much cheaper (not to mention the wine!).

Weather here has been warmer than in Finland; however I have been missing my winter jacket in the evenings and mornings… But in the day time it has been mostly sunny!

Real studies will start this week, I’m going to meet the professor from my faculty on Tuesday, so then I will know the courses I’m going to take..