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Thoughts about leaving

This going to abroad for 4 months thing is really not my  kind of thing at all. I am a person who always wants to know everything beforehand. How things are done and what is the right way to do things. I’m terribly afraid of failure and I don’t like to try new things if I don’t know what is expected of me. I like rules and structure and boring stuff. It makes me feel safe and in control of the situation. Why on earth am I going to Taiwan?

I already pity my travel companion, since he is the one who will see the worst part. I like travelling alone because then it doesn’t matter how many times I check the timetable or my tickets or the flight gate or time or what ever. Once in Amsterdam I checked five times that I was going to the right platform while waiting for the train. In worst cases I check something and walk couple of steps just to turn around and check it just one more time to be sure. Luckily my travel companion is maybe the most relaxed guy I have ever met.

All in all.. Even though this is not something I usually do or maybe just because that is the case, I’m really excited. I trust that I will learn a lot. Not just about school stuff but about life and myself. Sometimes you just have to go to places and situations you are not comfortable with. Otherwise evolving doesn’t happen. What is the point of being the same all the time if there is a chance to be better?


8 days!

Almost ready to go!

I have been feeling unreal about this trip to Taiwan. There has been so much school work to do that I have had no time even to think about leaving Finland. I’m happy that we have a weeks holiday! That usually means more time to prepare for exams etc.. Now I had to get a grip and do something useful about upcoming trip too.

So today I took some painkillers (I’m recovering from a wisdom tooth suddenly disappearing from my mouth with some help of a doctor) and headed to town. I have had permanent travel insuranse that covers trips up to 45 days, but it is not enough now. To increase my insured days to almost 4 months I have to pay 160 e. This is sad day for my wallet, but I think my mom will be happy now.  I also did some other things my mom would be proud. This includes making notification of traveling to Finland’s Ministery of Foreing Affairs. Now I can rest asured that if there is an earthquake and my house falls, somebody comes to find me. Maybe.

Adding to these brave things I went to shopping. Disapointingly I didn’t find what I was looking for. I was trying to find a nice adapter, one that you can use everywhere you go. Gigantti only had different kinds of adapters. Well, maybe I will find it somewhere else. Still, my bravery didn’t fail me! I continued my adventure on the wonderful world of internet. I know I have said this before, but thank god we have so many helpfull staff at school to push us through all the paperwork and things related to that. We have this list of things you should do before the trip and when I checked it today I had done it all! What a relief!

9 days…

Applying visa – a step closer of actually getting there

While others started studying massaging in school, this lucky masseur traveld to Helsinki for an adventure. First part of this tricky adventure already started in Jyväskylä. It contained finding out what on earth is included in visa application to Taiwan. I’m happy that they have relatively simple and easy to understand websites. (You can check it yourself here: I guess that I might have even understood something on the fifth read through.

In Monday morning in Helsinki after carefully double checking that I have all the needed papers for my and my friends applications I went seaching for passphoto booth or something like that. There is one in the central railwaystation as I was lucky to find out. I got my last missing peace fot the application there. Even though the photographer asked me do I need a passport photo or a visa one (I had no idea) and do I want the Finnish or Europian passport photo (no clue on this one either). After randomly choosing one of he options I went looking for the Taipei representative office. Do not believe what google maps tell you, it shows the wrong place for the address! I am a bit precise (some might call me naurotic) with these kind of things so I had triple checked the place and found it quite easily.

The lady in the office was really nice and checked our applications through. She did mention that our invitation letters from Taiwanese universitys didn’t have a stamp on it and they usually get applications with some kind of acceptance letter from the Finnish one too. Anyway, she took our applications in and told me to pick the finished ones after two days.

On Thursday I went back there a bit concerned. I had realized that I might need a signed letter from my friend to get his visa also. Guess if I had one? Nope. Didn’t think of it before that day. After one exciting elvator journey I was in the office again. And again the lady in the office was really nice and friendly. She did say that the signed paper thingy was usually necessary but since she remembered me from Monday and my name was in my friends papers, she could give me both visas.

Success! Now we are one step closer to Taiwan. Only 19 days to go.