First expressions

After badly slept night I can tell you that it’s really humid here! That means when it gets dark it gets also really cold. I could sleep after I put my wollen socks on and took a extra shirt plus my jacket on too. Today I need to buy a thiker blanket.I also need to buy indoor slippers. The floor of my room is not the cleanest one and other floors are most likely a bit wet. It also rains all the time, or that is what they tell me.

The corridor outside my room.

The corridor outside my room.

Surroundings of the uni are great. We are located on a hill, so view is great and there is forest all around us. The buildings are really different from Finland. I wouldn’t be surprised if there is quite a bit of mold in here. The toilets are different. Seems like you have to have your own paper with you (wherever you go..) and people don’t dry their hands after washing them. I was wondering why my tutor asked me several times if I had some “tissues”. Well, now I know. 😀 I heard that in some places they don’t have the western type of toilet either, but a squat one. Basically that means a hole in the ground.

The dormitory

The dormitory

There is a Family Mart about 100 m from my apartment and buss stop other 100 m away. On the grocery store, there is much you can drink but not that much I can eat (I eat only food with no gluten in it). So I guess I will be eating a lot of bananas.. If I want to eat anything else, I deen to take a buss or walk down the hill (locals tell me it is a 20 min walk) to the MRT (mass rapid transportation) station where all the other stores are. Yesterday I ate stinky tofu. Not that bad, but not my favourite.

I have two roommates. One of them is from mainland China and other is from… Finland! They study nursing. The Finnish one is from JAMK also and we have met before. So small world it seems to be. Other than that I have not located that many exchange students. They might be from around here (other parts of Asia) so I wouldn’t recognise them.. Actually me, my roommmate and the classmate who came with me are the only western looking people I have seen this far.

Tap water is not drinkable, but we have a water vending machine here at the dormitory.

Forest around the dormitory.

Forest around the dormitory.

All in all I feel weird. Everything is so exciting and terrifying at the same time. But the people here are really friendly so everything is going to be okay.


Posted 8.3.2014 at 12.09

Göök, näyttääkin kostealta! Crocksit vois olla hyvät. Kurkkasin sikäläistä säätiedotusta ja tälle päivälle oli Taipeissä oikein kaatosadevaroitus. Mutta eikös siellä ole sadekausi vasta alussa…

Tuuleta tavarat välillä kun ei sada; mulla kerran sadekaudella Väli-Amerikassa homehtui kaikki nahkavyöt yms. kaappiin.

Eikös ne syö riisiä siellä? Voithan sä sitä syödä? Toivottavasti löydät paikalliset herkut pian.

Hauskaa tutkimusretkeilyä!

Ida Liukkala
Posted 9.3.2014 at 15.40

Mavo: Tänään ei onneksi satanut juurikaan. Ehkä se kaatosade oli toisella puolella kaupunkia. 😀 Tätä sadekautta kestää kuun loppuun ja sitten alkaa taifuunikausi eli ei sada niin usein, mutta kun sataa niin sataa paljon!

Riisiä syödään jonkin verran onneksi. Paljon on kuitenki nuudeleita ja melkein kaikki on leivitettyä. Mut kuulemma se ei aina ole viljaa, vaan esimerkiksi pavuista tehtyä jauhoa millä ne on leivitetty. Tarvinee parantaa kiinankielentaitoa.

Posted 9.3.2014 at 11.50

Heh, I think I know what you mean by “really humid”, but I guess I never went north enough for “cold” :). I hear the squat toilets are actually healthier.

So weird, it feels just some minutes ago that we ate lunch in Helsinki. Now you’ll be an online thing for us back home. I’ll be reading your blog. Take care!

Ida Liukkala
Posted 9.3.2014 at 15.36

Jonni: I actually tried one squat toilet yesterday. It wasn’t that bad. ^^

For me it feels like that lunch was a lifetime ago.. so much has happened and everything is so different.