Adventurer! be?

As I have told you earlier, I’m a boring person who likes to follow rules and routines. I have noticed that I feel a bit uncomfortable here when I can’t read all the signs, so I can’t know if there is something I’m not supposed to do. In Finland I usually read most of the signs and I’m well aware what is expected behaviour. If I’m not, I might not even attend an event. I like to watch and learn before trying things myself. I want to know I’m doing things right before I do them.

I kind of thought that by coming here, I would become an adventurer. Just by changing the environment I could change myself. Weeeelll.. Not quite. I just noticed yesterday that me and my classmate are completely different with this. He is asking everything when I’m just trying to figure out myself just by looking. He is going to shops that clearly don’t operate in english and just trying to comminucate in some language when I’m just avoiding places where I think people don’t speak english. Soon, he might even know more chinese than me because he is always asking how can you say this and that while I just observe. Noticing this difference was a bit of shock to me, because I was thinking myself as a curious and outgoing person and I noticed that I’m still more of an observer than a doer.


I even bought a shirt to remind me not to make all these excuses and just do things.

It took me a while to accept the situation and to decide that it is okay to be like this. At first I thought that I can’t be adventurer if I’m like this, but later I just decided to change the concept of adventurer in my head. Because I’m different from what I hoped to be doesn’t mean it is wrong. I can also change the way I act when I pay attention to it and try to not to be so overly cautious about everything.


Posted 16.3.2014 at 18.30

Kuulostaa niin Matin toimminnalta! 😀 Kiva lukee näit sun postauksia ku saa vähän enemmän tietoa miten siel menee ja millanen paikka se on verrattuna ton toisen kuvasarjoihin. Eikä ehkä kannata verrata itteää Mattii, se ei oo normaali suomalainen ja jokainen näyttää sen vieressä introvertiltä 😛 Ainii, en nyt tiiä oisko mun pitäny kirjottaa enkuks mut meni nyt täl kertaa suomeks. Tsemppii arjen alkuu! 🙂

Ida Liukkala
Posted 17.3.2014 at 1.44

Heh 😀 Se on kyl ihan parasta matkaseuraa. Eilen pyysin tuomaan nightmarketista mulle iltapalaa, niin sain kanansydämiä ja possunkorvaa.

Posted 17.3.2014 at 6.57

Mahtavaa itsestään oppimista. Sehän se on se suurin seikkailu, minkä voi tehdä.

Posted 18.3.2014 at 17.55

Mä tarviin tollasen t-paidan!

Ida Liukkala
Posted 19.3.2014 at 2.23

Ilmeisesti meillä on siis suvussa tällasta kotona nyhjäämistä havaittavissa 😀

Posted 24.3.2014 at 20.54

Aaaaaa mikä paita!! Ma tahto x.x