The end is near

This is it. I wrote my final exam this morning. What remains is the last weekend adventure to the Sun Moon Lake, some paperwork at department office and finding my way to the plane on Monday. Feels weird. This place doesn’t feel that special anymore and that somehow makes this place more special. Everyday life has replaced adventure and excitement of finding new things every day. I noticed that even though it is really nice to be hyped about everything, it also takes quite a lot of energy to be surrounded with odd and unfamiliar. Making odd to become familiar took something away but in a way it also gave something more. The feeling is totally different but really difficult to explain. I’m still wondering how I can feel this ordinary living on a rainforest like hill when my homecountry is so different. I guess this is the reason humans have survived in all different places on earth. We are superb at adjusting to the environment.

I have said many goodbyes already and avoided crying only slightly. It makes me sad to leave these people behind when I don’t know if I ever see them again. Still, I feel excited and anxious to go back to Finland. I was away 5 months.. I feel that I might get more of a cultureshock when I go back than when I got here. I wonder if I will feel that some Finnish habits are weird now. And being able to talk with random people! Wow.. That must feel weird.

All in all, I have really loved my time here. If you are thinking to come here I highly recommend you to do that.

But now, adventure awaits!