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Was it all a dream?

I have been two weeks in Finland now. Nothing has changed here. When I stepped out of the plane and people around me talked Finnish I felt like I hadn’t been anywhere. My time abroad vanished *poof*, just like that and everything went back to normal. I know that I have changed. I know that […]

The end is near

This is it. I wrote my final exam this morning. What remains is the last weekend adventure to the Sun Moon Lake, some paperwork at department office and finding my way to the plane on Monday. Feels weird. This place doesn’t feel that special anymore and that somehow makes this place more special. Everyday life […]

TCM experiences

Usually when people think Traditional Chinese Medicine they think acupuncture and maybe some herbs. There are also more different kinds of treatment methods included in TCM and here is a bit of info about some of them. Lets start with the familiar one: Acupuncture. That means putting some needles on certain parts of your body […]

Yin & Yang

First times when I heard about Yin and Yang I thought that the system was unfair. Yin that is considered to be the feminine energy is also darkness, passiveness, weakness and destruction. Night, cold, silent.. Yang presents things that are maskuline, active, strong and so on. I thought that Yin presents all negative things and […]

Stories of Qi

We went to a hospital to see how some practitioners treat their patients in TCM outpatient clinic.With first doctor we saw many patients and he mainly used acupuncture to treat them. He was really fast and steady handed with the needles. I didn’t have any problems with the needles this time. This was interesting, but […]

First week of Traditional Chinese Medicine

Our firs week of TCM (Traditional Chinese Medicine) consisted of some basic classes. Topics like Meridians, acupoints, basic principles of acupuncture, Yin&Yang and five elements and so on. First it was a bit difficult to get into the mindsetting of TCM because it is not only medical practice, but it is build on cultural beliefs […]

The magic of travelling

After three weeks of travelling in Japan and Hong Kong I came back to Taipei. I felt a bit dissapointed when I looked out of the bus window and felt nothing special. No special feelings, no excitement of awe of new things. Well there was no new things here so I guess it shouldn’t be […]

Last days! Or so I thought..

Tomorrow will be my last day at the hospital. Feels a bit weird actually. I have got so used to this daily routine that I don’t know what I will do after tomorrow. Actually yes I do, I will travel! But it will probably feel really weird. I have learned a lot during these 11 […]

Dragon boat festival

It is time for Dragon boat festival. It is one of the three big celebrations in Taiwan. Others are Chinese new year around a month after ours and the moon festival in Autumn. I have heard some stories about the reason for this festival. Usually people tell me that it is to celebrate one Chinese […]

Beautiful Taiwan

One really special experience for me has been hearing “you are beautiful” from locals all the time. It is not like you might think, most of the people who say this are older women. You see, in here it is considered pretty to have white skin. Like in Finland it is considered pretty if you […]