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Yin & Yang

First times when I heard about Yin and Yang I thought that the system was unfair. Yin that is considered to be the feminine energy is also darkness, passiveness, weakness and destruction. Night, cold, silent.. Yang presents things that are maskuline, active, strong and so on. I thought that Yin presents all negative things and when connected to feminity I felt that someone is trying to make me feel less important. This was in my teen years. Now I realize that this is really not the case but only western thinking. We are used to think that there is good things and bad things and world is often too black and white. Now I have noticed that actually these are all worth the same. Nothing is more important or better than the other they are just pieces of the entirety. They are all necessary to keep the balance. If there is no passiveness and rest there could not be any activity either or the activity would burn you out. If there is no night there is no day either. These parts are not only parts of the big picture but they are all equally necessary.

For me it is strange to think that joy could be harmfull. But in TCM all thing if too extreme are actually harmfull to you. I actually think that is right. I have seen my friends get over excited and manic about things and that is totally not good. As it is not good to be too fearfull or too anxious. Follow the golden middle road as we say in Finland. Keep the balance.