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Bye bye Finland

16.00 Helsinki-Vantaan lentokenttä

We are sitting at the airport waiting for the boarding time. Half an hour to go and I’m so excited! I have been grinning for days. Only difficulty is that I have to go through customs in Shanghai. That means that I have to pick up my big luggage, go to customs and then go through check-in again. We have six hours before the plane to Taiwan leaves so I hope that is plenty of time to do everything.


(16.05 FIN) 22.05 Taipei, Taiwan.

I would have liked to update this also in Shanghai, but aparently Free Wifi means free wifi for those who have chinese cellphone number.. 😛 I almost got nervous when one of the staff members in Finland started to wonder why we didn’t have visas to China. I haven’t even thought that we might need one for just passing by. But aparently we didn’t.

So we got safely to Shanghai and got my luggage and went to chek-in again. Only this time we were too early and we had to wait 2 hours before we could even chek-in. But couple of words about the flight. I dislike long flights, I usually don’t get enought sleep. This time we had also one screaming Chinese woman at the middle of the night and after that some really chatty teenagers right behind us. Nice.. I felt like an old grumpy lady who would have liked to hit everyone. To face. With a chair. Also our seats were right at the back of the plane, so there was always quite bright lights for the flight attendants.

I got some sleep on the Shanghai airport and more on the fight to Taipei. The flight was a bit late so more sleep to me! Our tutors found us easily and after that everything has been easy! I will tell more about that tomorrow. But I have to say, that now that I have been flying around more, I’m not that scared about the security checks (even though they always have something to ask me). It feel nice not to be so scared.