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Beautiful Taiwan

One really special experience for me has been hearing “you are beautiful” from locals all the time. It is not like you might think, most of the people who say this are older women. You see, in here it is considered pretty to have white skin. Like in Finland it is considered pretty if you are nicely tanned. Many times these people complementing my looks add “your skin in so pretty” or something similar to their statement.

Some ladies here even go quite a lengths to achieve this beautiful white skin. I have seen people wearing long sleeved shirts, gloves, masks and umberellas on sunny days. All this on the same person! And dont forget the sunglasses. To be honest sometimes you can’t see even a thin piece of skin from all the covering. I have heard that this is only to keep the skin as pale as possible. Of course it is also quite good protection against skin cancer, but you never see this in Europe. Religius clothing is a different thing. I have only seen some women to behave like this. It seems that men don’t bother to keep their skin as white as the ladies do. Maybe it is not as important.

I also hear complements for my hair. That is a bit strange because it has been over three months since I last time did something to my hair and to me it looks horrible right now. Still I get complements. Maybe because it is so different from the local dark hair and I do braid my hair almost every day. That is also something you don’t often see here. Mainly ponytails or short hair. People usually start with the question, “is that your natural hair color?” No it is not and it is funny that people ask since I have three different colors in my hair right now. But I don’t mind. It is nice that people come to ask and wonder. Other question is “can you do that yourself?” when I have braided my hair. They are so surprised to hear that I can and I on’t need a mirror to do that.

I have noticed that the way how people dress here is also quite different from Finland. In Finland it is not that odd to see girls bra either through her shirt or from the neckline. That is not even considered bad taste now days. Here it is completely different. I consider myself to be one of the less revealing dressers and even some of my shirts are a bit too much if you compare to the locals. Nobody tells me to dress differently but I feel too revealing with local girls when they usually have modest neckline and all the buttons from their shirts buttoned up. Here it is more common to see really really short dresses than revealing necklines. Maybe the airconditioning has something to do with this. In the summer, even though it is amazingly hot outside, inside could be freezing cold. It is easy to catch a cold if you don’t dress peroperly.