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Under attack!

It was Friday afternoon like any other. 9 hours of practical training and pouring rain when walking back to the dorms. Since facebook has been full with Disney meme lately, I decided to watch one old Disney movie. I was just sitting there in front of my computer, relaxing. It was still raining outside when I noticed something flying behind my laptop. I didn’t pay much attention to it first because there is usually at least one mosquito in my room. But then it happened again and I started to notice that this flying creature seems to be bigger than those I usually see. Then one flought right to my screen and annoyed with that I raised my eyes from my movie to look around.

I’m happy that I’m not scared of insects! When I raised my gaze I realized that there is a swarm of these strange flying creatures going around my ceiling lights. When I checked there was another swarm right behind my window trying to get in. I was surprised, only my netted window was open, there is no holes in the net and somehow they still got in. I closed the second window over the netted one and looked for something to use against these invaders. I have quite an collection of flyiers of different places so I picked one of the thickest ones and went for the chase.

When you live in finland you are quite used to killing mosquitos or flyes in the summer. Especially in the country side living near horse stables. This was nothing new for me so I started smashing those little bastards. Soon I noticed that they were drawn to light so I put off the ceiling light and put on a smaller one right above one empty table. Then I just waited there and smashed those ugly thingys when they came for the light.

farmosan termite

One of the disgusting flying inviders that happend to fall into my trap

Still this was not enough. I noticed that these flying monsters had one more card to their sleeves. They could drop their wings! So instead for looking up to see my enemy I needed to look down also, for these ugly bastards were also crawling on the floor.  They were also flying inside my clothes and inside any clothes I had out of my closets.

Soon there was not many of these insects left and I wanted to open my window again. Closer look told me that maybe the insects got in under the window so I stuffed some paper under the window and smashed couple of insects just crawling there. For the rest of the evening I needed to get up from my chair from time to time to kill the ones that got out of their hiding places slowly. I think I killed the last one right after 11 PM. Or I hope it was the last one..

When I asked my local friend about these ugly creatures, he told me that they were termites and this termite problem comes couple times a year. So if I’m lucky this will be my last encounter with these insects. I searched for some info and insects here were actually someting called Farmosan swarming termites. I hope I don’t find any of these anymore!