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Now I don’t have (almost!) anything else to do than post to my blog..

You know that we make up things about what our country looks like if you just draw the lines. Like Italy is a boot. In Finland we like to think that our country looks like a woman. It is called the Maid of Finland. While I was reading about Taiwan I found out that they also have something like this. The island of Taiwan looks a bit like a sweet potato so some of them call themselves the Children of Sweet Potato. I think it is quite abdorable.

Taiwan is not the only name thay have, they are also called The Republic of China. To be clear, the other China is called People’s republic of China. But since this is quite confusing, I just continue to use Taiwan and China.

In Taiwan there is population of 23,373,517 people. That is A LOT of people. In Finland we have only 5,454,444. (Numbers are according to Wikipedia). In Taipei alone there is 2.619 million people. Almost half of all the Finnish would fit in there. To be exact, I live in Jyväskylä and there is 130,816 people here. In Helsinki which is the biggest city in Finland there is 614,074 people. Now I can tell you a secret. I really don’t like big crowds..

Official language in Taiwan is Chinese (mandarin) and in Finland we have Finnish and Swedish. Religions in Taiwan are diverse but about 70 % are either buddhist or taoist. In Finland we have mainly Lutherianism and Eastern orthodoxy and if you compare, there is only 3,9% christianity in Taiwan. This means they have tempels and we have churches. Some similarities are found too! There is freedom of religion in both countries.