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The Final Countdown

5 days to go – I packed all my stuff in boxes and bags. Cleaned my apartment in hurry and gave the key to my subtenant. After packing everything to my dads trailer we drowe to my childhoods home and unpacked everything. I also packed and unpacked my luggages couple of times. I met my grandma who was worried and asked if she can call me when I’m in Taiwan. I tried to explain how skype works. A nice and rare stress free evening <3


My old room stuffed with stuff

4 days to go (today) – I trained (with a train you know) back to Jyväskylä to see some friends before escaping from the country. I also had some school stress to work with and tried to prepare myself for tomorrows exams. Paratisizing at my friends place for food and a couch to sleep because homeless for couple of days.

3 days to go – THE EXAMS! Please, pass the exams. Hopefully this will be the end of my stress. Remember to go to the pharmacy! Also go to ask if Forex has the right kind of money for you..

2 days to go – Writing furiously some last school papers. Remember to ask contact info for the person who should come to pick you up at the airport.


Relaxing fire

1 day to go – HELSINKI! If you have been too lazy to buy that adapter, here is your chance!

The Day of Tön-tön-töö! – Go to the airport. Panic.