“Restonomi” in Business school


Parisian rush. I have experienced it here. School days are long and people 
work a lot here.

By now I looked at the French school system and I'm ready to tell you my school experiences here so far.

For me school offers different courses than what I studied last year, I feel like a real international 
business student nowdays. 
In this semester most of my courses were marketing and organization behavior. 
Courses are really differents from what I used to learn in Finland. At IESEG most of my courses are 
"intensives" which means that we studying one course during one week, usually we have case studies,
presentations during week and after some assigments or exams. School offers also extensive
courses which studying during one semester. 

Buddy system 

For French student's they have to do "International passport" before their exchange abroad. 
They have to find international partner for this project. I was so happy to
enroll this project and my French "peer" partner can show me real French life-style here &
improve my French skills. We went to explor her home city Saint-Etienne and Lyon in October. 
My peer partner is much more than peer for me, we are really good friend now. 

School rules

In France, and also in other European's countries, schools are more rule-based than
what I used to experienced in Finland.
I can say that school system in Finland offer more freedom and we do more a peculiar path 
when we are students in Finland's university. In summary, when I wondered to my French friend why 
everything is so strict here, he answered "If French does not have rules, they do nothing".

For example, here, attendance at lectures is really important, delays are not allowed at all.
Deadlines are also accurates, late submitted tasks are rates 0. 
Phones are not allowed at all, I heard later that phones are forbidden by law during lectures.

Multicultural projects 

IESEG also offer a lot of multicultural experiences. 
This week I also started my multicultural project here. My categories are World Cafe,
Fashion, World Travel and World gastronomy.