Matti Hirsilä

Small-talk to Big talk

I just dislike the concept of small-talk. This word really misleads people in relationship building. What we call small-talk is actually one of the most important components in international connections. Majority of the global cultures are built on interpersonal relationships. You just cannot build your relationships on something small and useless. So, stop talking small…

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Walter Becker passed away

Walter Becker passed away One chapter is complete. Walter Becker and Donald Fagen were THE Steely Dan . They will make no songs anymore. Their and Steely Dan’s music have carried me from my teenages to my adulthood. When I was a high-school student suffering fever  in my bed I kept on playing Aja. I…

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Graduation ceremony? Why not!

Yesterday I had an opportunity to join the graduation ceremony of Mephi nuclear power Specialists here in Obninsk Russia. It was a very touching  one hour session with national anthem, speeches, music and the ceremony itself. Why in Finland our ceremony is only a one second session when the certificate is handed? Or not even…

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