Challenges, Stories and Unexpected Demonstrations as Learning Motivators


Presentation on Conference Day on Wednesday 12 June

Submitted by

Roberto Gamboa, Ph. D.


Sometimes it is very hard to motivate the students, especially in scientific areas like physics. Story telling about the discoveries, simple practical challenges and unexpected demonstrations can be used as learning motivators for the students. When they are surprised, make erroneous predictions or really see something unexpected happening before their eyes they suddenly feel the necessity to explain what happened and that’s when they are more motivated to learn and to remember in the future. Some examples will be given.


Roberto Gamboa, Ph. D. in Physics by the Lisbon University, has post-graduation in Dirección Estratégica de Universidades, promoted by the UNESCO Cátedra of Direcció Universitária – Universitat Politécnica de Catalunya, Barcelona and a participation in a Nanotechnology Summer School in Oxford University. Since 2001 he is Professor in Leiria Polytechnic Institute – School of Tourism and Maritime Technology, and researcher in the SESUL – Lisbon University. He was involved in several European projects, is co–author of one European, US and Japan Patent and several scientific papers published in international reviews and conference proceedings. Roberto Gamboa is also interested in learning, local heritage and creativity development.


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