College Students Use Storyboarding and Digital Media to Improve the Reading and Writing of Teens


Workshop on Tuesday 11 June at 9:15-12:00 and 13:00-17:00 (8 hours)

Presentation on Conference Day on Wednesday 12 June

Submitted by

Michelle Johnston, Ph.D., Dean


At Ferris State University, the teacher candidates, who are studying to become teachers through traditional pathways, are in the School of Education, and the game design students are in the School of Digital Media and many entered the tertiary-level education through vocational/career technical education. During the summer, the students will be working together to help middle and high school students to improve their reading and English-language facility. The middle and high school students will attend a special summer school program in Grand Rapids, Michigan to receive remedial instruction in reading and mathematics. For reading, the students will engage in their community and with their families to create memoirs and histories to share digitally. During this workshop, the participants will learn about the program and work on storyboards for videotaping and gaming and use the ideas for the storyboards to create a scenario in Second Life.


Michelle Johnston, Ph.D. is Dean of the College of Education and Human Services at Ferris State University in Michigan USA. Prior to becoming Dean, she taught classes and facilitated workshops for teachers in Brazil, Japan, France, and throughout the USA. Her specialty areas are literacy development, curriculum, and integrating technology into engaged and meaningful Instruction.

Michelle always has fun working with teachers because learns so many creative ideas from them. In this workshop, she will explain how she’s using lessons that she learned from teachers, who work with at-risk students from multi-cultural school environments, to inspire teenage students, who are learning English, to read, write, and create.

Wordcloud made by participants on Conference Day