Discover Wonders of Learning Outside the Box – Learn How You Learn

Workshop on Thursday 13 June at 13:00-17:00 (4 hours)

Presentation on Conference Day on Wednesday 12 June

Submitted by

Eila Burns, Senior Lecturer


Themes of discussions concentrate on the ways individuals learn by trying to understand and recognise the effects of the networks of the learning brain. The discussion also focuses on opportunities about the wide variety of abilities, needs, interests and backgrounds that individuals bring to learning situations.  We will consider questions and issues such as: What is neurodiversity and why is it important to know about it? Thinking outside of the box: The benefits of having individuals whose brains are wired differently. We will be using interactive, experiential learning methods that could include, for example, open discussions, small group work, individual tasks, multi-sensory learning.


Eila Burns is Senior Lecturer at the Teacher Education College in JAMK University of Applied Sciences. She has an extensive experience in teaching adults and teacher training, and specializes in training teachers who want to expand their expertise in inclusive pedagogy.  Her PhD research focuses on one element of neurodiversity, to be precise, adult dyslexia and the development of professional teacher identity of these individuals.


Wordcloud made by participants on Conference Day