Where Good Ideas Come from


Workshop on Friday 14 June at 9:15-12:00 (3 hours)

Presentation on Conference Day on Wednesday 12 June

Submitted by

Didier Calcei, Ph.D, Head Education Innovation Laboratory


The workshop will be focused on the generation of new ideas, on individual and collective techniques to generate new ideas and to transform them in innovations.


Didier Calcei holds a PhD in Economic Sciences from Université Paul Cézanne (Aix-Marseille, France) which he obtained in 2003. His thesis was about the study of technological competition from both an economic and a strategic point of view. After working at Université Paris X Nanterre, France, in the framework of a program in economic analysis of law, Didier Calcei joined Groupe ESC Troyes in 2006.

An Assistant Professor in the Innovation, Entrepreneurship and Strategy Department, Didier Calcei is currently the head of the Innovation, Entrepreneurship and Strategy Department and the head of the Education Innovation Laboratory.

Didier Calcei is teaching innovation at Groupe ESC Troyes in Champagne and is focused on creativity, generation of new ideas and the impact of innovations on user behaviours. Didier Calcei is also interested in the way people are learning and how innovations may change the process of learning.


Wordcloud made by participants on Conference Day