Sauna and Beach Evening

Wednesday 12 June at 18:00-21:00

We will have sauna and beach evening in a small island called Lehtisaari owned by the Jyväskylä parish.

We will make the way there by rowing boats leaving from Viitaniemi landing stage at 18:00 sharp so don’t be late (the next boats will come to pick people at 19:00)!

In Lehtisaari there is a chance for you to have sauna, swim, grill and play different kind of games. There is also some canoes and boats you can freely borrow, life vests are available.

In the main building there is a small cafeteria to buy some coffee, tea and candies.

The last rowing boats back to land are leaving at 20:45.

Lehtisaari is a public summer cottage for urban people and there is some rules every visitor has to follow (no alcohol, no smoking, no litter/rubbish).

More information about Lehtisaari here (only in Finnish). On the front page there is also a map to see where the rowing boats are leaving.