Change your gait and meet a stranger

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Kike de Jong and Elizabeth van Leeuwen


A most inspiring thing about practicing the arts is discovering the creativity in yourself you did not expect to be there. In this workshop your will be fully actively participating. It will be centered around experiencing the creative arts in different ways and will be a journey of exploration, allowing yourself to experience the freedom of finding new ways of expressing yourself and meeting others. Finding methods of creative coaching and Elizabeth van Leeuwenimprovisation through drama and music that you perhaps can apply in your own field and practice.


Kike de Jong was educated as a music therapist and violinist. She works as a teacher atbWindesheim University of Applied Sciences in the Netherlands. She teaches her students how to use music and other creative methods in Social Work. Kike is interested in how to use the arts in coaching students to develop their professional identity.

Elizabeth van Leeuwen, originally educated as drama therapist, works – amongst other things – as a teacher of  ‘creative professionalism’ in the education of social workers also at Windesheim. Rooted firmly in the belief that we humans are better, much much better, than our experience causes us to be like, she considers freedom central to development. Freedom from self, freedom from judgement of self and from unreasoned inhibitions and restrictions. The creative arts are a marvelous vehicle for obtaining a little of this and surprise oneself with one’s original abilities.