Comparing Finnish and Czech Education


Presentation on Conference Day on Wednesday 11 June

Submitted by

Markéta Čablová, Bc.; Eva Sosnovcová, Bc.


Two students from Masaryk University, Brno, Czech Republic, Markéta Čablová and Eva Sosnovcová, visit in JAMK University of Applied Sciences, Teacher Education College during the spring term 2014. The aim of the exchange period is to become acquainted with the Finnish education system and approach to inclusive education. The purpose of this short presentation is to describe the exchange period and what has been interesting (and perhaps surprising) for the students. They will also share their experiences about differences between Finnish and Czech education system in this session. Additionally, they will present Czech special school system and its challenges.


Markéta and Eva studies special education in Masaryk University for 5th year. Markéta focuses on children with multiple diseases including children with intellectual disabilities, physical disabilities and visual impairments and Eva focuses on children with intellectual disabilities. They both write their diploma thesis at this moment. Marketa’s topic is Sexual education of pupils with moderate mental retardation. Eva’s topic is Financial literacy of pupils at special school for children with mild mental impairment. Markéta and Eva are in Finland to find some new perspectives and materials to their thesis. They also consider Finnish system of special education to be on high level and therefore interesting.