MoWeArt (movement, wellness, art)



Presentation on Conference Day on Wednesday 11 June

Submitted by

Pauliina Lappi-Ruhanen, dance artist, instructor and dance teacher, Finland


In this workshop Pauliina Lappi-Ruhanen will present her interest is transformative way of teaching and using movement as a guide in the process. Her work is based on movement art and natural movement. Experiencing movement and learning environments from different perspectives is part of the method MoWeArt. She tries to build a common understanding of the group where creativity, fun, respect and joy find a place through a movement. The experience can open a gate to a innovative way to find better understanding and to get one more aware of different ways of knowing and creating knowledge. The method suits to all bodies without limits. Difference is the beauty of this work.

The concept (course or workshop) is intended for people who use art as a “creative tool” in their work or people with  general curiosity to the movement (teachers, special educators, people who work in social and health care, instructors, art people etc.). At her work Pauliina introduces you to her method, and leads you gently to face the natural movement. She encourages you to the discovery of new opportunities to move and to be moved, “meet and face the movement” from your own choices.


Pauliina Lappi-Ruhanen is a dance artist, instructor and dance teacher. The lifelong dream and process for Pauliina is to build up diversity between different social, cultural, theoretical and research voices. At the moment she co-operates with Johanna Aromaa (FM) who prepares for her PhD at University of Oulu. The topic of Johanna’s research is teacher’s bodily knowledge. You can find more information about Aromaa-Ruhanen work at the link