The Role of Dance and Movement in Development and Learning


Workshop on Thursday 12 June at 9:15-12:00 and 13:00-17:00

Presentation on Conference Day on Wednesday 11 June

Submitted by

Jill Bunce, EdD, MA, Cert Ed, Fellow of HE academy, United Kingdom


The workshop will experientially look at the role of dance in the formation of thinking and how dance can be an exploration of the way we think.


Jill Bunce has been a dance movement therapist since 1991 and has worked both nationally and internationally with Parkinson’s patients and children with learning disabilities and autism. Before that she was a special needs teacher. Jill became an educational psychotherapist in 2000. She is now a programme leader for dance movement therapy at Derby University.

Jill has worked and lectured in the field of dance education in Finland. She completed her doctorate after her research in Finland. Jill has worked at the theatre school in Finland. She feels that students of all ages can grow and learn through expressivity in their growth and development.