Understanding the Psychological Types in Meeting People


Workshop on Tuesday 10 June at 9:15-12:00 and 13:00-17:00

Presentation on Conference Day on Wednesday 11 June

Submitted by

Anda Zvigule, Mg. Sc. Ed., Bc. Psych., MD, University of Agriculture, in Institute of Education and Home Economic, Latvia


Each person is unique and different. Humanity is at all times endeavored to sort people in different psychological types, but no typology is not considered complete. This seminar will focus on how different typologies complement each other, and types of coping, and how difficult is to find itself in this “cocktail of types”. This class will provide a small theoretical background for principles of typologies, and provide participants with opportunities to experience some nontraditional self-exploration and applying knowledge to be good and attractive career counselor, teacher, social worker etc.


  • Developing an understanding of the different typologies
  • Explore your colleagues and the characteristics in predicting short-term and long-term behavior
  • Improve their competence in psychological type recognition
  • To apply this knowledge to client work


Mg. Sc. Ed. Anda Zvigule is lecturer at University of Agriculture, in Institute of Education and Home Economic. Anda Zvigule received her first education as Physician in Tartu University and has medical practice as sport physician till now.

In year 2002, she received Master degree in Pedagogy (Master’s thesis – learning motivation), in 2009. she received Professional Master degree in science of Education and Career Counsellor  (Master’s paper subject – Tutoring Service in Latvia University of Agriculture). Study courses at University are Psychology, Special Education and Social Integration and Multiculturalism.

Her current areas of research and study includes inclusive education and  tutoring in study environment.

Anda Zvigule has been at the exchange program Erasmus as a lecturer in France, Iceland, Germany, Malta and Finland.