Orientation Tasks

Please, follow the links below when submitting your response to the tasks.

Notice that the responses are on view only for the Summer School participants. The password will be sent for participants by email in the beginning of May 2017.

Deadline for the Orientation Tasks is Friday May 26th, 2017.



Introduce yourself to the other participants consider, for example, the following:

  • tell something about yourself
  • why did you choose this summer school
  • how creativity, curiosity and openness are connected to your own specialist field
  • what are your expectations and goals
  • what do you wish to share with other participants

Submit Task 1: Introduction



To orient towards the Summer School, explore the aphorisms of Curiosity and Openness. Choose some aphorisms from both groups and discuss the juxtaposition of the thoughts presented in them. What do you think yourself? Write some of your thoughts and get ready for the summer school.

Links for aphorisms:

Curiosity & Openness

Submit Task 2: Orientation to the Content – Curiosity and Openness



Did you find some other interesting articles, pictures etc. about the theme? Feel free to share them as well in our Padlet-group!



  • Discover Your Inner Teacher: Please, wear comfortable clothes and bring with you three (3) pictures of your childhood, a school picture and one of your own choice (e.g. hobby, vacation).


  • Using Mindful Breath, Touch and Movement to Explore Curiosity and Openness:”It would be helpful if participants had some background knowledge or awareness of the symbol yin/yang and the basic philosophy or way of thinking associated with it, as I shall be referring to it as part of the core theme.”Some background reading such as:
    • Hoff, B. (2002) The Tao of Pooh. London: Egmont.
    • Nhat Hanh, T. (1987) The Miracle of Mindfulness: a manual on meditation. Boston MA: Beacon Press.
    • Tolle, E. (2005) The power of now: a guide to spiritual enlightenment. London: Hodder Mobius.
    • … or something similar would be beneficial.

    In addition, participants need to wear, loose modest clothing for moving freely.