Discover Your Inner Teacher

Workshop: Discover Your Inner Teacher


Submitted by

Marjolein Wallenaar and Ellen Messing
Aeres Wageningen University of Applied Sciences


Goal: getting to know your own view on the learning that is part of your (professional) identity. You will become aware of what part of your learning you are projecting on the world around you, and how that influences the way you view the world.

From early childhood on, you learn. The babbling of a baby in which we recognize the word ‘mama’, or the first time standing, walking, cycling … it is admired and praised. Most of our learning occurs unconsciously, whether it is encouraged, challenged or stimulated by correction, we all still learn every day. At some point in life, society adds another way of learning: a more formal way, such as school, music class or swimming lessons. But that doesn’t stop the informal way of learning we experience in our everyday life.

All your experiences, knowledge and emotions shape your view of learning. It is a part of who you are. Teachers often distinguish a second dimension: the personal knowledge and experience related to the learning of others is also part of their professional identity. Because it is their profession to organize the learning of others, they don’t often take the time to stand still and think about their own learning experiences and how they influence the way you view and shape your world. In this workshop we will arrange that time. To think, reflect and share your views with others so you will become aware of your own ‘inner teacher’.

We will arrange for a pleasant balance between action and relaxation by varying between telling each other stories, reflecting and practicing some specific yoga exercises that are known for opening your mind and stimulating creativity. Are you curious enough to join us?

Preparation: please, wear comfortable clothes and bring with you three pictures of your childhood, a school picture and one of your own choice (e.g. hobby, vacation).



Marjolein Wallenaar studied home economics and textiles and became a teacher in secondary education. Later she studied her Master studies Orthopedagogics and start working as a teacher trainer and coach at Aeres University of Applied Sciences in Wageningen. Within the teacher-training course she conducts courses on communication and coaching, learning theories and problem based learning. She coaches teachers by using video. As a researcher she is interested in learning preferences and intuitive and imaginative learning.

Ellen Messing studied Animal Husbandry & Knowledge Management and worked as a teacher in (upper) secondary education. Later she got her Master degree in Educational Science and Implementation after which she started working as a teacher trainer at Aeres University of Applied Sciences in Wageningen. Now she teaches courses in educational design, learning theories and coaching. As a researcher she is interested in learning at the workplace, environmental education and learning for sustainable development. After 15 years of practicing yoga for herself, she just recently started as a yoga teacher student.