Best spots in Fukuoka


It’s already November! Time really does pass by when you’re having fun. It feels like it was just recently when I arrived to Fukuoka, and it’s hard to believe I’m leaving in one month and a half. I will really miss Fukuoka, so here I’ve listed some of my personal favorite places in Fukuoka! They’re not really tourist attractions or anything like that, but places that I find myself visiting again and again.

Fukuoka Beach

Just a sort walk from the I-House, there’s the Fukuoka Beach. From the start, the beach formed to be a gathering and hang out place for us international students. From the shore, you can see the giant apartment complexes on the other side, and mountains and the city on the other. In the horizon, there’s islands and the beautiful sea. The beach is beautiful at any time of the day, but I love it when the sun starts to set and the sky is colored with vibrant colors of pink, red and orange.

The beach is also great for volleyball. With three volleyball nets on the beach, we’ve played many times. I used to play volleyball before I moved to study, so it has been really fun to start playing again. Now that the weather is getting colder and schoolwork is starting to get serious we have less opportunities to go there to play, but we were lucky enough to discover a volleyball circle, a group of Japanese students who play occasionally. So we will continue playing with them at a gym, which is nice.

Next to the beach, there is the Fukuoka Tower. For some reason, I still haven’t gone up there, but it’s quite a sight from the ground as well. At night it’s lighted up with patterns of different kind. For Halloween, there was a castle with bats flying around it.


A place of almost meme-like high regard among my friend group, Sushiro is our favorite place to eat in Fukuoka. Sushiro’s mainly for sushi, but they also offer udon, fried chicken, fries, different desserts and sushi with no fish. We go there for the sushi, though. There’s a rotating conveyor next to the table that delivers small plates of sushi straight to you. You can either order dishes you want or wait for non-ordered plates go past you.

The sushi isn’t too pricey either – yellow plates, which are most common, go for only 100 yen (around 80 cents), and the price on other dishes varies between 100-400 yen. You collect your own plates in a pile in front of you and when you’re ready to go the server will count your plates and give you the bill.


The Tenjin district is a short train ride away from the I-House, and a central place in Fukuoka. Tenjin is the shopping center in Fukuoka, and it’s also fun to just walk round there. I like Tenjin because I go there so often – it feels very familiar to me by now. When I first arrived to Japan, my hotel was in Tenjin. You can find many interesting shops and restaurants there, Sushiro for example. There’s also many special shops for manga and anime products, which I love to collect. Any mall in Tenjin is worth a look, though, since each has something special to offer.

That’s it for now, I have to start writing a paper for my class!

– Mirva