Autumn leaves and Christmas lights

Weather is starting to get cold even in southern Japan, Kyushu, and with it leaves in the trees start to get some color and fall. Compared to Finnish winter months the experience is quite different, since in Finland red autumn leaves and Christmas mood are far apart. But here, since Christmas is just around a corner, fall colors and bright Christmas lights go hand in hand.

Here’s some fall colors from a field trip a while back:


It doesn’t feel like winter at all yet, but when Christmas markets opened in Tenjin and Hakata recently, you couldn’t help it but get in the Christmas mood just a little. Christmas markets here are influenced by famous European Chritsmas markets. Wooden stalls decorated with Christmas lights litter the venue and there’s a smell of mulled wine and spices in the air. Many stands are dedicated to selling handicraft, such as Christmas decorations. I visited the Tenjin Christmas market briefly last week, and will visit the one in Hakata once I have time. Here’s some pictures of the light decorations:



– Mirva