Japan – There and Back Again

Study exchange stories from Fukuoka, Japan in fall 2019.

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Studies at Seinan

Hello! This time I will be telling about what kind of courses I have at Seinan Gakuin University and how my studies in Japan have been so far. As part of my preparations for exchange I needed to fill a Learning Agreement, which is basically to plan and keep track of what I do and […]

Living in Fukuoka

Hello again! This time I thought I’d write a little about living in Fukuoka and how I’ve settled down in my dorm. I’m still waiting for the culture shock to kick in properly, but so far I’ve really enjoyed my daily life here and I already know I will miss it dearly when it comes […]

Two weeks milestone

Next Wednesday I will have been exactly two weeks in Japan. So much has been going on, that two weeks sound like such a short time! I met my Japanese buddy, Seinan student Asuka shortly after arriving to Fukuoka and she helped me to get to know the city a bit better. We even visited […]

Practicalities of going to exchange / thoughts before going

In this post I’ll talk a bit more in-depth about how my study exchange applying process went, and in the end I share some thoughts of leaving Finland. Applying I applied for exchange in February 2019. I chose Japan as my first choice because I wanted to go outside of Europe, and have always wanted […]

Hello world!

Welcome to read about my study exchange in Japan! My flight to Fukuoka is tomorrow, but before that I’ll make a post of all the practicalities that went into applying and organizing the exchange, since I’m sure it’ll be useful to those who are thinking about going to exchange, be it Japan or any other […]